Our Fleet

Learn all about the limousines of our fleet.


Ford Lincoln Town Car

Lincolns are the main style of stretch limo that you will see in the UK and the USA. Chances are if you have watched an American TV drama, then you would have seen numerous shots o...  more  

Ford Excursion

A Ford Excursion is an American 4x4 style vehicle. Our Ford Excursions have been stretched by 140 inches (just under 12 feet) under the QVM program - so they are one of the safest...  more  

Baby Bentley Chrysler

Often known as Baby Bentleys, because of their Bentley style grill, Chryslers are another luxury limo in our fleet. We currently have a cream coloured 8 seater, which has been stre...  more  


Everyone knows the name! Hummers are another style of 4x4 that is very distinct because of it’s front grill. The stretch Hummer was styled from the US military Humvee. Like the Fo...  more